Indian Geotechnical Journal

Journal of Indian Geotechnical Society

In the early years of inception of the Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS), Annual Reports were published containing information on the technical activities of the members. The first Bulletin was published in 1956, which contained technical papers contributed by the members. The Bulletin was changed into a quarterly Journal in 1962. In addition to technical papers, the Journal included News and Note features. From October 1968, a separate quarterly Newsletter was introduced. The Indian Geotechnical Journal has a wide circulation and is retrieved internationally. Indian Geotechnical Journal is being published by Springer since 2012 (Vol. 42).

All members of the society can access the journal articles from Springer through IGS portal login. Members may contact IGS Secretariat at:- admin@igs.org.in for IGS portal login details. The IGS News has been made more articulate. Papers/Articles on various topics in geotechnical engineering are being published. Besides papers of special interest are also published in IGS NEWS for wide circulation.

For more information about journal, table of contents and submission details visit:- http://www.springer.com/engineering/civil+engineering/journal/40098.